Absolutely stunning fine silver metal mesh...very "Whiting & Davis" in appearance..soft and cold to the touch...the touch of luxury! Decorative gold enamelled diamond pattern is repeated on both sides with extra attention drawn to the exquisite enamelled rose with rosebuds floral design on the front flap. The flower petals and leaves are made up of red, gold, ivory and green individually enamelled mesh. Under the flap reveals a zipper. Inside purse is white satin lining (very clean except for a few very small greyish spots). Inside also reveals a zippered side compartment. Long shoulder stap detachable chain in a rope style measures 36" long. Decorative metal clasps to which chain is attached appear to have a "Mercedez Benz" style logo. Excellent condition. Unsiged. 9" wide x 6" high.

Order No. 01-VMP $35.00

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Just the right little bag to go with your cocktail dress. Cute little over-the-shoulder envelope purse embellished with hundreds of gold seed beads and sequins. A mass amount of beads braided creates a strap/handle. Snap closure. Yellow satin lining. Inside reveals a little side pocket compartment for your perfume. A few stains which are hardly noticeable as they blend in with the brocade. Small lipstick mark inside the flap and a residue which probably was the attached label. 6 3/4" wide x 5 3/4" high. Strap 23" long. No missing beads. Unmarked.

Order No. 02 - VMP $10.00

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Have you been looking for a luxurious little handbag which makes a fashion statement...look no it is! Dainty and still functional with just enough room for your lipstick, credit card and perfume. Rows of jet black beads and gold foil buggle beads create a galaxy explosion. Gold frame and chain handle which can be tucked in to create a little pouch. Black satin lining. Gorgeous condition. 5 1/4" wide x 4" high. Chain 9" long. No missing beads. Vintage. Unmarked.

Order No. 03 - VMP $15.00

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The luxury of velvet! Little pouch style bag with gold frame and a long fancy gold chain. Has the appearance of a draw-string bag...but gathers onto a frame. Nice and puffy and the inside has lots of room for your 'night on the town' items. Inside reveals a black velvet lining with a little side pocket. Firm base. Sewn in label is marked Made In China. 7 1/2" wide x 6 3/4" high. Fabulous condition.

Order No. 04 - VMP $10.00

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Nothing says luxury more than black and diamonds even if the diamonds are clear rhinestones! The black fabric feels like silk...soft to the touch. Detailed gold frame embellished with a row of very glittery clear rhinestones. Rhinestone bar separate showing the clasp actually on the inside of the little bag. A fine chain is attached to either side of the frame. The chain shows one very tiny pinch which can only be felt...not seen. Inside has a black satin lining and a little side pouch. Sewn in label "Styled by Du~Val Hand Made In Hong Kong". 7 1/2" wide x 6 3/4" long. Chain 12" Exceptional condition.

Order No. 05 - VMP $15.00

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